Should Your Car's Air Conditioning Be Serviced?

3 June 2021
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Most people appreciate the value of their car's AC system during the summer when the temperatures become unbearable. When the car's AC system malfunctions, it has long-term effects on your health. If your car's AC system is in bad shape, it can also accelerate the rate at which certain parts of your car wear out. In addition, it will increase fuel consumption because it has to run for longer hours to keep the interior comfortable. Here are a few pointers to help you know that you should service your car's AC system.

When the AC System Stops Cooling the Car

The first and most noticeable sign of a malfunctioning AC unit is when it stops cooling the car as efficiently as before. The vehicle might be less cool because of the weak flow of air. Weak airflow can result from blocked registers and vents. Often, the blockages come from the mould growing inside the vents. Also, poor airflow can result when the ventilation fans are damaged.

When the Vehicle Starts Making Unusual Sounds

The second way to tell when your car's air conditioner is damaged and needs to be serviced is when it starts making unusual sounds. For example, when the AC unit develops problems, you might notice banging and rattling sounds as soon as you turn it on. Schedule a visit to the AC repair shop as soon as you notice these unusual sounds, as it indicates an immediate need for AC service or repairs.

When You Notice Odd Smells Inside the Car

The other clue that your car's air conditioning system is not working is odd smells in its interior. It is usual for your car to have a few odd smells, especially when it is a family car. For example, juice spills and other foods might lead to odd odour. But if your car has a musty odour, which is a typical indicator of mould presence, consider booking an appointment to have the AC unit checked.

Your car's air conditioner plays a critical role in maintaining the desired level of comfort inside the car. However, it's good to note that the AC system needs to be regularly checked and serviced to ensure it works efficiently. Certain signs such as those above will help you know something is not right with your car's air conditioner. The crucial thing is getting a trained and qualified auto mechanic or technician to check the car's AC system. They will diagnose and fix the problem, increasing the comfort in the car and the life of the AC system. 

If you need a car air conditioning service, call an auto service in your area.