Equipment Needed For Your Auto Repair Workshop

10 November 2016
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Starting an auto repair workshop is a relatively big task, but it is attainable as long as you know the right tools and equipment to get. Whether you intend to do a lot of work on your own vehicles or for friends' vehicles or you are starting a small auto repair business, the following types of equipment are recommended.

Diagnostic Equipment

If you intend to start an auto repair workshop where you are helping others to repair their vehicles, then it helps to know exactly what the problem is first. Even someone experienced at fixing cars uses diagnostic equipment to narrow down the issue. It is not uncommon for someone to come into your repair shop with complaints of noise issues under the hood, but isn't exactly sure where the problem is coming from. You can use your electronic diagnostic equipment to run some tests and figure out what repairs need to be done.

Hydraulic Equipment

Lifting the vehicles is necessary in many repairs, especially when working on the engine or repairing breaks. If you need to lift the engine, then using a hydraulic hoist is usually recommended. Engines are heavy and bulky, making it very difficult to do without some mechanical help. With a hydraulic hoist, it uses liquid to help with the heavy lifting and make repairs a lot easier to do. While these hoists can sometimes be pricey, they will save you a lot of time when doing different repair jobs.

Workshop Tools and Equipment

For your auto workshop, there is also some general tools and equipment to make sure you have on hand. You probably already have the necessary hand tools needed for basic auto repairs, but if you are starting a business, more equipment is going to be needed. For example, you may want an oil extractor and grease kit, bench grinder, pressure washer, and engine stand. These are very basic types of equipment and tools that definitely come in handy.

Air Compressor

Every auto repair workshop should have an air compressor available. Air compressors help to run power tools, such as any spraying tools you have, or your drills. If you are working on a vehicle that was recently in an accident, your air compressor can be used to help straighten out dents when working on the body of the vehicle, while you can make other repairs using the air compressor and air hammers with punch bits.

Keep in mind this doesn't include all the equipment you need, but it is a great start.