4 Ways To Equip Your Trailer to Carry Heavier Weights Safely

26 September 2016
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Trailers are great for carrying loads around. They can be used to ferry a lawn mower, trash, recycling materials, motorbikes and ATVs, construction supplies, camping gear, and so much more. It's therefore not surprising that many people would love it if their trailers could carry more. Below, check some of the things you can do, not to extend the carrying capacity of your trailer, but to facilitate carrying heavier weights more safely.

Fit bigger tyres to increase the ground clearance

Typically, trailers have smaller tyres compared to vehicles. So when you load your trailer with heavy cargo, gravity tends to leave very little clearance under your trailer. As you can imagine, this puts your trailer at risk of damage from rough ground, especially if you are travelling past city limits and into the country areas. To prevent this, fit your trailer with larger tyres. These will improve the ground clearance by a few inches and give you a better time on the road.

Improve the suspension system

Another crucial thing you must do if you want to carry more in your trailer is to improve the suspension system. Now this means two things; you install new trailer suspension parts regularly or you install superior quality suspension parts to accommodate the increased strain. A better suspension system will give your trailer better balance, better traction, and prolonged tyre life. And at the very minimum, your suspension parts will not break under the bulk of the weight.

Have the trailer's body reinforced

You could also have the trailer's body reinforced to accommodate heavier loads better without damaging the trailer. This can be done at a metal fabricating shop where steel bars can be installed on the underside of the trailer as well as on the sides. You could also have the A-frame reinforced by welding secondary metal beams, re-welding the joints, replacing some of the fittings with stronger aftermarket parts, and more.

Install a second axle

Lastly, you could decide to go the extra mile and have a second axle installed on your trailer. Needless to say, this is a big leap but one that could drastically increase the loading capacity of your trailer. Two more wheels and two more suspension sets will lower the strain on the trailer and create room for a lot more weight. Of course, this modification will also cost you.

Avoid the temptation to make any of the above a DIY project. Instead, talk to a trailer specialist and have them undertake the work. That way, you will not put yourself, your trailer or other road users at risk.