Car Battery Care Tips To Help You Survive the Winter Season

10 July 2015
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Many car owners often complain about experiencing frequent car battery problems during the cold winter days. With so many of these car owners flooding into auto service shops around this time of the year, it can be quite frustrating to get your car battery issue checked promptly.

To help you alleviate the risk of facing car battery failure because of extreme cold weather, the following winter tips may come in handy:

Find a warm storage place for your car

The first line of defence to help keep your car battery running properly during the chilly weather is to ensure that it is parked in a warm place. If you have an indoor garage, this is the best time to make use of it; if the garage is heated, that would be better. This will limit exposure of the battery to the extremely low-temperature levels, which might hamper its capacity to operate normally.

If you don't intend to drive your car for a prolonged time during the winter, it is advisable to use a battery maintainer. This will make sure the battery is charged from time to time, as is the case when you are driving.

Always start and switch off your car systematically

After you've arrived at your destination, make sure to turn off all electrical appliances in the car before you switch it off. If you don't, the battery will attempt to supply electrical power to these devices when you restart the car. In turn, this causes a further drain on the battery that could make restarting the car problematic.

As such, it is far-sighted to disconnect CD/DVD players, iPods, phone chargers and any other electrical equipment since they can drain the car battery. Taking extra caution not to leave any electrical equipment plugged in when you leave the car can let you enjoy considerable battery service over the winter season.

Do proper preventive maintenance

Prior to the winter season, it is wise to have your car's battery, and electrical system examined and tested for maximum performance. It is also prudent to check the condition of all electrical power cables to find out if they are loose, detached or corroded. Ensure that the cables are secured well enough.

If the battery has previously demonstrated any signs of underperformance or is too old, changing it at your soonest convenience could end up sparing you the trouble of battery failure deep into the winter. For more information, try contacting a a company like Century Battery to learn more.