2 Seemingly Minor Car Repairs You Should Never Ignore

4 May 2015
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Many car owners tend to put off what they feel are minor car repairs if those needed repairs don't interfere with their ability to start their car and drive it down the road. However, some repairs can be needed immediately because they make it dangerous for you to drive, or they can mean risking serious damage to your car. Note a few seemingly minor car repairs you should never ignore.

1. A tyre that continues to lose air, or that has a bulge

A tyre that continues to lose air when you drive can be very dangerous, as it can actually go flat without warning. A flat tyre is very dangerous for driving, as brakes cannot grip a flat tyre. If you were to suddenly slam on your brakes, your car may just slide and skid rather than stopping. It's also very difficult to steer when your car has a flat tyre, so you cannot control your car very easily.

Driving with a tyre that continues to lose air can also mean the risk of more damage that is costlier to repair than a leaking tyre. When a tyre goes flat, you may simply have a small tear in the tread that can be patched. However, if you drive on it and make that tear worse, you may need to replace the entire tyre, which is more costly. Driving on a flat tyre can also mean damaging the tyre rim, as the air inside the tyre provides your rim with cushioning.

A bulge in the tyre means that a spot of rubber is soft and has filled with air. This soft spot can easily burst, so that you have the danger of a flat tyre but also the danger of flying tyre rubber. This can cause damage to other cars and/or your own car, depending on where the rubber goes when the tyre bursts.

2. Brakes that continue to grip

When you release the brake pedal and your car's brakes continue to grip, this is usually a sign that the calipers are defective. These are little clips that push the brake pads against the tyre's rotors. When they begin to break down, they may continue to squeeze the pads after the pedal is released. This can cause excessive wear and tear on the pads and rotors. If you notice this problem with your car, have it checked to avoid damaging the braking system, and to avoid having the clips wear out completely while you're on the road, as this would mean your car's brakes would fail altogether.

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