Delayed Engagement in Your Auto Transmission: Causes and Solutions

5 November 2021
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The transmission is one of the most crucial systems in your car with vital functions. This complex mechanical system is responsible for controlling the application of power from your vehicle's engine to the driveshaft. It comprises several movable mechanical components, and typically, a lot of heat is often generated from friction resulting from the components moving and interacting with each other. Consequently, while the transmission is designed to last, it's likely to suffer the most wear and tear. Read More 

Could Clutch Issues Be Traced to the Bearing?

13 September 2021
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Until engineers designed an automatic system, a car driver was responsible for selecting the correct gear for the appropriate road conditions. Many vehicles are still equipped with a manual gearbox, and the driver has to depress the clutch pedal to change gear. This system works very well most of the time, but it will need some care and attention occasionally if it is to continue to operate without issue. So if you've noticed some problems recently, what could be going wrong and what should you do? Read More 

3 Tips for Keeping Your Car in Good Working Shape

20 July 2021
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Just purchased your dream car and are wondering how you can keep it in good working shape as long as possible? The best thing you can do to maximise the performance and lifespan of your car while maintaining its resale value and minimising vehicle repair bills is to keep on top of its maintenance needs. Here are a few basic car maintenance tasks that will help you get the most out of your car. Read More 

Should Your Car’s Air Conditioning Be Serviced?

3 June 2021
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Most people appreciate the value of their car's AC system during the summer when the temperatures become unbearable. When the car's AC system malfunctions, it has long-term effects on your health. If your car's AC system is in bad shape, it can also accelerate the rate at which certain parts of your car wear out. In addition, it will increase fuel consumption because it has to run for longer hours to keep the interior comfortable. Read More 

3 Auto Fluid Checks You Shouldn’t Forget When Getting Your Car Serviced

5 April 2021
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Your car comprises many different types of oils and fluids that serve different purposes. As a part of regular car servicing, you should get these checked and refilled or replaced to keep your car healthy and running at its best. While engine oil, transmission fluid, and radiator fluid might be the car fluids that you pay the most attention to because they directly affect the performance of your car, there are other essential auto fluids that need to be regularly checked, too. Read More