Equipment Needed For Your Auto Repair Workshop

10 November 2016
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Starting an auto repair workshop is a relatively big task, but it is attainable as long as you know the right tools and equipment to get. Whether you intend to do a lot of work on your own vehicles or for friends' vehicles or you are starting a small auto repair business, the following types of equipment are recommended. Diagnostic Equipment If you intend to start an auto repair workshop where you are helping others to repair their vehicles, then it helps to know exactly what the problem is first. Read More 

4 Ways To Equip Your Trailer to Carry Heavier Weights Safely

26 September 2016
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Trailers are great for carrying loads around. They can be used to ferry a lawn mower, trash, recycling materials, motorbikes and ATVs, construction supplies, camping gear, and so much more. It's therefore not surprising that many people would love it if their trailers could carry more. Below, check some of the things you can do, not to extend the carrying capacity of your trailer, but to facilitate carrying heavier weights more safely. Read More 

Is my Car Really Due for an Oil Change? 3 Steps to Keeping Your Car Healthy without Unnecessary Oil Changes

27 July 2016
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If you are still one of those motorists that changes your oil every 3,000 miles, you may be spending a lot more on auto service than you need to. With the advancement of engine technology, most manufacturers have extended their oil-change intervals to 7,500- 10,000 miles, and some models can go even as high as 15,000 miles! This means that you could be changing your oil up to 5 times more than is actually necessary. Read More 

Mechanical Trouble? 4 Potential Triggers Behind A Damaged Radiator In Your Car

30 June 2016
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Your car radiator is part of a system that cools the engine down to prevent overheating. Any damage to the radiator may have adverse effects on the way your engine runs. These potential triggers may result in a damaged car radiator. You will need a qualified mechanic to fix the problem immediately before your car faces major damage.  You Get Into An Accident And The Radiator Cracks An accident that involves the front part of your car can damage the radiator because of the sheer force of the collision. Read More 

Smelling Fishes? Two Reasons Why Your Radiator Smells Like Tuna!

25 May 2016
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First-time car owners often have to start out with an older car that has done many kilometres because it is all that fits the budget. Because of this, it is no surprise your first car is a fixer-upper! However, when your car smells fishier than a Gold Coast prawn boat on a hot summer's day, it is time to pop the hood to take a closer look at your radiator. There could be two reasons for the nefarious odour, so where do you begin to look? Read More