Custom Trailer Buying Tips

18 August 2022
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Buying a custom trailer can be an exciting yet confusing affair. In most cases, you will have a lot of trailers to choose from. Therefore, you need criteria to ensure the trailer you purchase meets your needs.

Below is an article with some custom trailer purchasing tips.

Determine the Required Customisation

There is no limit to trailer customisation. Therefore, you must be sure about the customisation you need. For example;

  • You might need a large trailer to transport bulky items.
  • You might need a tipper trailer to ease offloading.
  • Some trailers have a high ground clearance to ensure easy offloading.
  • The trailer could have higher sides to allow you to move larger loads. Others have a cover to protect the load from dust and rain.
  • Some trailers could be customised to move specific items. For instance, they could be built to move canines or horses. Alternatively, the trailer could be customised into a retail unit.  

Assess the Trailer's Durability

Once you find a suitable trailer, conduct intense assessments to ensure it is durable. Start by examining the trailer's structural build. For instance, does the trailer have a rigid frame to prevent bends and warps when fully loaded? Are the customised elements structurally stable? For example, when buying an enclosed trailer, check whether the enclosure is rigid enough to withstand strong winds as you drive. What materials are used to build the trailer? If you intend to use the trailer to transport construction material, you might opt for steel trailers since the material is unlikely to suffer dents as you load stones or aggregate on the trailer. Aluminium trailers are a good choice if you need a camper trailer. Aluminium is light, allowing you to carry heavier loads. The material must be rust-resistant to ensure the trailer maintains its original appeal for long. Finally, ensure the builder offers a warranty on the trailer. It is a guarantee that they are confident that the trailer design and build can withstand the recommended use. 

Be Cautious with Used Custom Trailer

You could opt for a used custom trailer if you are on a budget. The trailers are also a perfect fit for short-term projects since they do not lose value quickly. The rule when purchasing these trailers is to ensure they are in excellent condition. Assess the frame for bends and cracks that signal habitual overloading. Moreover, inspect the trailer underneath for rust and the body for accident damage.