Can Your Truck Deal Properly With Moisture In Air?

8 June 2022
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If you run a truck or other heavy vehicle, you may be aware that its suspension features inflatable shocks and airbags designed to cope with the extra weight and additional requirements. These components are very reliable, but they do need one specific and important part if they are to function without fail. So, why do you need to keep a close eye on the dryer assembly, and what can happen if it does not do its job?

How The System Works

A heavy vehicle suspension system relies on the use of compressed air, which it will need to draw in from the surrounding atmosphere from time to time. Unfortunately, that air contains a lot of moisture, which could be a problem over the long term as it could react with the metal components within the system, causing rust or corrosion. As you can imagine, corrosion could lead to failure over time, especially in a highly pressurised environment.

Removing Moisture Before It Causes A Problem

Your vehicle is equipped with a device that is meant to remove moisture from the air before it is delivered to the compressor. If it is not working as it should, problems may begin to appear, or you could experience a sudden failure that could strand your vehicle by the roadside.

What Happens Following Dryer Problems

For example, the compressor may fail to switch on without any warning. This could be due to unwanted moisture, which may not allow the compressor to build up the right amount of pressure. If the system cannot maintain pressure even with a working compressor, then you may notice performance issues.

One side of the vehicle may lean over when you turn a corner or brake heavily due to inefficient distribution of pressurised air. Alternatively, you may notice that one corner of the vehicle sags. In this case, the automatic levelling capability may have failed once again due to an accumulation of moisture in the vicinity.

The Need For Regular Inspection

Many of these problems can be avoided if you ensure that your vehicle is inspected in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation. When you take your truck to a truck repair service, the technician will look at each element of the air suspension system and pay particular attention to the dryer. At the first signs of an issue, they'll carry out any necessary repairs so you can maintain normal operation and avoid any downtime.