3 Auto Fluid Checks You Shouldn't Forget When Getting Your Car Serviced

5 April 2021
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Your car comprises many different types of oils and fluids that serve different purposes. As a part of regular car servicing, you should get these checked and refilled or replaced to keep your car healthy and running at its best.

While engine oil, transmission fluid, and radiator fluid might be the car fluids that you pay the most attention to because they directly affect the performance of your car, there are other essential auto fluids that need to be regularly checked, too. 

Highlighted below are 3 other important auto fluids that need to be checked regularly and the specific purposes they serve. 

Brake fluid

When you press your car's brake pedal, brake fluid transfers the hydraulic pressure within your braking system to the brake pads, causing the vehicle to slow down or stop.

The foot pedal linkage is the only mechanical leverage in a hydraulic brake system. To keep the brake system working well, it's essential to keep the brake fluid level above the 'Min' or 'Low' level mark. If it drops below this mark, the brake system will run dry and this will cause it to fail. 

Aircon system refrigerant

A normally functioning car AC system is crucial for ensuring thermal comfort within your car interior when driving on hot days. The all-important working fluid that your auto aircon system relies on to deliver cooling performance to you and your passengers is called the refrigerant. 

The purpose of refrigerant in any air conditioning system, including the aircon systems used in buildings, is to remove heat from hotter air and dissipate it outside to make the interior environment cooler and more comfortable in hot weather.

Because the refrigerant in your car's AC system can leak over time and reduce the cooling performance and efficiency of the cooling system, you should get your auto AC tested for refrigerant leaks at least once a year.

Windscreen washer fluid

Although it doesn't play a part in keeping your engine running, your windscreen washer fluid keeps you safe on the road by keeping your windscreen clean. The dirt that may build up on your windscreen while you're driving can impair your vision and lead to an accident. Making sure you have enough windscreen cleaner in your car is crucial for avoiding a dirty and dangerous drive.

All of the fluids in your car have specific functions. That's why you should check all car fluids on a regular basis. The auto experts at a car servicing shop near you can help you come up with a scheduled maintenance regimen for checking all parts and fluids that play a part in ensuring the performance, safety, and comfort of your ride.