Critical Inquiries When Hiring The Right Auto Shop For Maserati Smash Repairs

2 March 2020
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Owning a luxury car is a massive status symbol. Driving around in these types of vehicles is sure to turn heads on the street, so you must be keen on taking the best care of your vehicle to maintain the prestige that comes with it. However, if your vehicle gets involved in an accident, you should not simply take it to any available mechanic. Unlike regular budget-friendly saloon cars that can be repaired at the first local auto shop you come across, luxury cars require specialised smash repairs. Here is a brief list of the critical inquiries to make when finding the right auto shop for Maserati smash repairs.

Are all the parts sourced from the original equipment manufacturer?

Understandably, some motorists may lean toward an auto shop with reduced prices for smash repairs so that they can save on costs. However, what these motorists are not taking into consideration is that unusually low costs could mean that substandard components will be utilised for the smash repairs. Before you choose an auto shop for your needs, the first thing you should enquire about is where their auto parts are sourced.

The best option is OEM parts, which come directly from the manufacturer of your car. If the mechanic uses generic components, it is best not to have them work on your vehicle. The other option you may come across is salvaged components, which are older parts that are refurbished for reuse. Recycled auto parts are affordable, but you should note that they are not brand-new and will come with a short warranty. Nevertheless, if your luxury car is several decades old, you may find it easier to get recycled parts than brand-new parts.

Is the quote tailor-made for your specific vehicle?

The second enquiry to have when you are in the market for the right auto shop for luxury car smash repairs is how customised the quote is for your car. If you have never had to get smash repairs before, you could be unaware of the fact that some mechanics will opt for a one-size-fits-all approach for a majority of vehicles. But when you factor in the intricacies of fixing a luxury vehicle coupled with the increased cost of auto parts, it is essential to ensure that the quote provided to you is customised for the vehicle. You may want to deliberate on working with a mechanic that has carried out smash repairs on your particular model of vehicle so that they have an idea of what the overall expense will be. 

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