Truck Repairs: Common Types of Coolant Leaks

17 January 2017
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For your vehicle to function at optimum, its cooling system needs to be in tiptop condition. The main function of this cooling system is to ensure there is adequate circulation of coolant as well as water through the various pipes that run through the radiator and the engine of your vehicle. As you drive, the coolant being circulated increases in temperature as well as expands; thus any extra coolant is redirected to a reservoir using rubber hoses. If the coolant system is compromised, it increases the risk of your vehicle overheating. If this goes on unchecked, you will face an array of mechanical problems with your vehicle and it could even lead to the complete breakdown of your engine. This is why it is crucial to fix any coolant problems as soon as you notice the signs that there is an underlying issue at hand. The following are some of the more common coolant leaks that your truck may develop.

A leak in the radiator

If the radiator cap has acquired damage, then your vehicle will begin to lose its coolant each time that the vehicle heats up. This is because there will be an overflow coming out of the faulty radiator cap. It should be noted that your radiator functions as a pressurised system. In the event that the cap is damaged, there will be a decrease in the pressure and this leads to inadequate circulation of the coolant. On the other hand, if the radiator cap is ill fitting, it will also spring a coolant leak. To determine if the coolant leak is coming from the radiator, an auto mechanic will have to carry out a pressure test.

An internal coolant leak

Another common type of coolant leak that your vehicle could develop is an internal leak. This is typically not quickly detectable if you are not wary of the signs since it will not present itself as a puddle beneath your vehicle. Instead, you will gradually begin to notice that your coolant levels are erratic and need replenishing on a more regular basis. In addition to this, you may also find that your vehicle is overheating more often than usual. There are various reasons why you could develop an internal coolant leak. These could range from blockages in the system to a damaged gasket that is allowing coolant to escape while the vehicle is in use. It is would be prudent to take your vehicle for car servicing before the problem becomes worse.