How to Keep the Cost of Campervan Insurance Repairs Minimal

10 February 2016
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It is in your best interest to keep the frequency of campervan insurance repairs low. This is because the frequency of filing insurance claims can influence the future premiums levied on you. You also end up forking out more in deductibles each time repairs have to be done. This article discusses some proactive steps that you can take to keep costly repairs minimal.

Install Sensors and Cameras

Many campervan accidents occur when one is reversing. This may be because the driver of the campervan has a limited view of what is behind the campervan while he or she parks it. You can reduce the likelihood of serious damage to your campervan by installing reversing sensors or cameras. These devices will alert you before you hit any obstacle as you reverse the campervan.

Test the Burglar Alarm

Some campervan owners never test the burglar alarms in their recreational vehicles after those alarms have been installed. Such people may end up being shocked to discover that someone forcefully gained entry into their campervan and stole valuables while the owner was taking a stroll near the campsite. Avoid such eventualities by testing the burglar alarm in your campervan before you go on a trip. Activate the alarm and try to pull the campervan door. If the alarm goes off, then it is in a good working condition. That alarm will alert you in case someone tries to break into the campervan when you leave it unattended for a while.

Inspect Awnings

Make sure that the storm straps or pegs securing extended awnings are free from any signs of damage (such as cracks). Those pegs and straps will prevent the awnings from ripping out and damaging the side of your campervan in case there is a strong wind.

Pay Special Attention to the Cooking Area

A fire can break out if a loose object tumbles down and upsets a cooking pot while you are outside the campervan. It is therefore a good idea to use bungee cords to secure boxes stored close to the cooking area. If a strong wind shakes the campervan as you are cooking, the boxes will not be dislodged from their storage positions.

The tips above will go a long way in helping you to avoid many of the common causes of damage to your campervan and its contents. You will also have stress-free trips because nothing will go amiss while you are travelling or camping. For more information on campervan insurance repairs, talk to a professional.