2 FAQs On Automobile Logbook Service

30 December 2015
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Logbook service is different from conventional automobile servicing in the sense that all details for service-related activities on the automobile are provided in the vehicle logbook. Therefore, vehicle service specialists follow the detailed instructions provided in the logbook as opposed to relying on their own expertise when servicing the vehicle.

Logbook service is preferred over conventional vehicle servicing for a number of reasons. Below are answers to two common questions about automobile logbook servicing, which help to explain this preference.

How Does Logbook Service Protect The Vehicle Engine?

One of the main reasons why many motorists go for logbook service is that it is a better choice in terms of the level of engine protection provided.

In a large number of situations, vehicle owners look for the nearest auto service specialist or shop when the vehicle needs to be serviced. This means that the engine will most likely be serviced by a different mechanic every time (each with their own way of going about it). It is very easy for the engine to suffer physical and/or mechanical damage in such situations as a result of compromised service quality standards.

Logbook services protects the vehicle from such damage by ensuring that the same quality standards are adhered to whenever the car is being serviced, regardless of who is working on the vehicle. 

How Can Logbook Service Help To Save On Servicing Costs?

From time to time, service specialists give promotional offers aimed at encouraging motorists to embrace logbook servicing and as an incentive for those who've already embraced it to stay loyal. Among the most common of these promotional offers is a single price for several automobile checks and related repairs. This is definitely more affordable than paying for individual checks and repairs after the vehicle has broken down.

Secondly, a logbook service can also help to save on the cost of service-related activities by providing standardized rates for different service procedures to be undertaken. All details of procedures carried out on a vehicle during service (including the cost) are recorded on the logbook service schedule. This proves to be an important asset, because the cost of automobile service varies from one service shop or specialist to the next. By providing standard charges for procedures, logbook service protects vehicle owners from rogue service specialists who may want to rip them off.

Give it some thought. Logbook service is the way to go.