Pros and Cons of In-house Truck Repairs

9 November 2015
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When it comes to your trucking business, you probably know by now that having the trucks off of the roads most of the time is bad for business. Whether it's a small or big problem with your trucks, you need to ensure repair service is rendered in good time so that you can go about your transporting activities with minimal stress about losing money. While you can ask an independent auto repairer or the truck manufacturer to provide truck repairs, it is also possible to do the repair work in-shop. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of performing truck repairs in-house.

Faster truck turnaround

There is a unique sense of promptness that makes doing truck repairs in-house stand out from the other available options. Before you can get in touch with the truck manufacturer or independent truck repairer and inform them about the problem, some amount of time will have elapsed, and wasted time means a missed opportunity to make money. This is because truck manufacturers and independent truck repairers don't usually receive information on truck repair issues first-hand and depend on the speed and efficiency with which you communicate to start the job. With an in-house team of auto specialists readily available to take care of all your truck repair needs, your trucks will be back on the roads in the shortest time possible.

Greater familiarity with common repair issues

Because they understand the conditions in which you operate the trucks, in-shop truck repair experts will over time get well-acquainted with some of the problems that recur most often. Whether the job involves repairing faulty brake systems, transmission systems, suspension systems, flat tyres or dented body parts, you can rest easy knowing that the personnel have solved the problem a number of times before and are getting better at it each time. For instance, the in-shop staff can do a thorough diagnosis of your braking systems and suspension systems to ensure your trucks are in good condition to be used in mountainside hauling.

More capital needed

As compared to other options available, repairing your trucks in-shop is usually an expensive affair. You might have to spend a lot of money on proper tools and equipment required for the job, plus maintaining personnel on a permanent basis can be rather expensive as well. Truck manufacturers and independent auto repairers will allow you to avoid the sometimes prohibitive expenses of maintaining auto repair staff in-house by coming to your rescue only when you need repairs performed. This way, you can commit the savings made to more productive undertakings, like expanding your fleet.